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embracing delightful tradition

CTS Kacang Puteh

Despite business, it's our Tradition

Our Kacang Puteh production turns back 4 generations of family history, preserving every good traditional values possesed since early 1930s. Our tradition is practiced troughout Production, ingredients, and even Management!

Started small, life sustaining business by our ancestors who were migrated from Ettayapuram(India) during the British colonisation of Malaya. Begining with some main traditional indian snacks, troughout the years, the snacks get slight changes to attract all Malaysians, evolving into now-known Malaysian favourite Kacang Puteh.

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3 Main Categories
Kekacang Campuran
Peas and Nuts
and Crackers

Fresh in-house production

Visiting Ipoh? Visit us too!

Our business was developed in Buntong, Ipoh and will always uphold the pride of birth-place, forever. Buntong is well-known for being the birth-place of Kacang Puteh. It is very common in Malaysia where, if you're back from Ipoh, you gotta have some Kacang Puteh in-hand. Buntong is also visited by Charter Buses which are organised to visit Ipoh for any Festival, Wedding, Ritual, or even Tourism. Not surprisingly resellers throughout Malaysia prefer to market as "Buntong Kacang Puteh" or "Ipoh Kacang Puteh" most often.

The speciality of buying directly from Buntong is you get directly from manufacturers. More FRESH, more TRADITIONAL, and CHEAPEST in Malaysia. Furthermore, Kacang Puteh business owners(including us) in Buntong are directly involved in production to maintain quality and traditional values. At CTS Kacang Puteh, we strive to produce with better quality and better value for customers to be competitive among our other cousins producing Kacang Puteh in Buntong.

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Visiting Buntong? Placing Order? Or planing for new business?
For Wholesale

Since we produce our own, we supply in bulk quantity with wholesale price for resellers who may repack with their own brand. Currently we supply directly to Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor with certain transporation charges. Minimum purchase applies.

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For Consumers

Customers visiting our shop directly will get to taste most of our products before purchase. Our production goes on almost all days, get certain product warm from stove upon request. All products available in 1kg and even lesser.

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Get Delivered

We partnered with City-Link Express to deliver your order to your address. Additional costs applies. Please Whatsapp to 012-9005336 for catalogue or orders. Also available for order online.

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Our production facility a small area but visitors are given chance to glimpse from the entrance door. And it's quite visible. No photography allowed.